The Vital Metrics Every Sales Team Should Be Measuring

Metrics are at the core of every fast growing sales team. But it’s about more than just tracking dials, demos and deals. Those are easy to track and don’t actually give you insights into what’s working and what’s not in your sales process. For that, you need to drill down deeper in your sales funnel analytics.

New technologies and tools have enabled us to track everything down to the finest detail. But does this pose a new problem? Are we tracking the things that really matter or tracking things simply because we can?

Knowing the right sales metrics to focus on will make a significant impact on your bottom line. What’s why we’ve asked the experts at Chartio to help us understand The Vital Metrics Every Sales Team Should Be Measuring.

On this webinar, Bob Lempke, VP of Sales at Chartio, and Pouyan Salehi, CEO of PersistIQ share all. You’ll discover:

  • How to leverage your most valuable data to find insights your sales team cares about
  • The 3 biggest mistakes sales teams commit when trying to make sense of their data
  • How to make data-driven decisions the right way to get better performance on your sales campaigns
  • The 4 steps to choosing the right KPIs for your sales team
  • How to increase ROI and save your team time by measuring your metrics correctly

Watch the webinar’s replay here!

Stay tuned for more of the latest in outbound sales best practices and methods.

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