The Daily Lead Start Feature and New Sending Window Design

We’re excited to announce two new features to give you more control over your campaigns and how you send emails.

1) Daily Lead Start
2) Sending Window Design Improvement

Introducing Daily Lead Start, which specifies the maximum number of leads that will automatically be added to the first touch of the campaign and sent per day.

If you have multiple campaigns targeting different personas or distinct target accounts, that means it’s possible that the total number of leads in your queue across all your campaigns could exceed your daily sending limit. Your daily sending limit is a limit imposed by your email provider (Microsoft Exchange or Google Apps), which caps the number of emails you’re permitted to send in a 24 hour period. The Daily Lead Start function lets you specify how many leads from each campaign will start per day.

For example, let’s say you create multiple campaigns and add hundreds of leads to each, giving you a thousand leads or more. If you try to send all of them at once, you risk reaching your daily sending limit before all your emails go out across all your campaigns. That means an entire segment or persona could be neglected that day, throwing your entire prospecting and activity plan off.

However, with a Daily Lead Start set at 100 for each campaign, you can ensure that all campaigns send 100 emails out.

sending windown design

We’ve also made creating Sending Windows more intuitive and easier to manage. You’ve always been able to do this, however, the new Sending Window interface eliminates any confusion, makes the creation of new timeslots easier and quicker, and, let’s face it, it looks pretty sleek.

Sending window

At PersistIQ, design is important to us because any extra time you spend trying to find a button or searching for a link is valuable time wasted. It’s all part of our mission to help you become more effective and crush your quota.

When great design meets exceptional technology, you can focus on what matters most: selling.

Log in now to start using the new Daily Lead Start feature or creating Sending Windows with our new design, or sign up now to try it.

Stay tuned for more of the latest in outbound sales best practices and methods.

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