How I Closed the Biggest Deal of My Career

As sales reps, there are some deals you close that you’ll never forget.

In this episode, we asked our guest “What’s the biggest deal you’ve ever closed?”

When we’re talking about the biggest deal, it doesn’t always mean dollar-wise, although we hear how one of our guests closed 8-figure deals. Sometimes, the biggest deals to our guests meant the most meaningful.

Andy Paul, Kyle York, Juliana Crispo, Saad Shahzad, John Barrows and Peter Gracey walk us through how it all went down. 

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Andy Paul, Author of Zero-Time Selling and host of the Accelerate! Podcast
Kyle York, Chief Strategy Officer at Dyn
Juliana Crispo, CEO and founder of Startup Sales Bootcamp
Saad Shahzad, VP of Sales and Customer Success at Clutter
John Barrows, sales author, speaker and trainer of JBarrows
Peter Gracey, CEO and Cofounder of QuotaFactory

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