Customize Individual Emails in Outbound Sales Campaigns

Personalizing the messages you send is one of the most effective tactics to improve your outbound sales results. With PersistIQ you can personalize messages using template variables, including snippets, which give you lots of creative power.

We have an update that now gives you even more flexibility and control in sending truly personalized messages at scale.

You now have complete control over individual emails to every lead in every campaign.

Example use case:

Lets say you create a 4 touchpoint campaign for 100 leads. After the 1st touchpoint, you learn new information about a specific lead. You can now override the template for the 2nd touchpoint and create a truly customized email inside the campaign workflow just for that lead.

How it works:

In the review for sending page, you see a preview for all messages ready to be sent.

1. Click on the “Customize email” link on any message

customize email

2. Customize the email to your desire and click Save

12_customize email 5

3. See which emails you customized

12_customize email 4
Customizing overrides the default template and the new content is sent with the campaign as normal. Easy.


Search in Review for Sending

We’ve  added a search bar in the Review for Sending page so you can quickly find any lead.

12_customize email 6



Revert to Default Template

Customize an email but then decide it’s not really what you want? No problem. Just click on “Revert to default content” and the original template takes over.

12_customize email 5—————————————————————
Stay tuned for more of the latest in outbound sales best practices and methods.

This post was brought to you by PersistIQ.  Our software empowers salespeople to easily convert prospects into a qualified pipeline and create personalized outbound campaigns at scale.  See how PersistIQ can help you make your own sales efforts more effective today.

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