Product Update: Create Folders for Easier Template Management

We’re excited to announce a new feature in PersistIQ that allows you to organize and manage your templates better.

Introducing the new folder feature for your templates.

We’ve made creating templates quick and easy, but with all the templates you have, it can become overwhelming if you don’t organize and manage them effectively.

Our search functionality lets you find any template by typing in the keywords in the search box and simply selecting the desired template from the results. You can further narrow your results by choosing the template owner/creator.

Search templates

But even with this search and owner selection functionality, you still face the challenge of organizing your templates in a clear and logical manner.

That’s why we’ve built template folders.

You can use folders to organize and manage your templates in many different ways. If you’re doing Account-Based Sales, using folders is a great way to group all of your templates by Account. If you’re doing Persona-Based Sales, folders allow you to group all of your templates targeted by persona. If your marketing team, customer success team, or any other department is leveraging PersistIQ for reaching out to people, give them their own folders. You can even classify templates based on campaigns or initiatives.

using folders

There are countless ways you can use folders to help you become more organized and efficient with your outbound sales.

You can create as many folders as you need, then rename or delete in a few clicks. Folders are organized alphabetically, so finding your folders is even quick and easy.

Log in now to start using the new folder feature, or sign up now to try it.
Stay tuned for more of the latest in outbound sales best practices and methods.

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