Assign Lead Owner and Assign Lead Status Upon Import

We’re excited to announce two new features of PersistIQ that allow you to manage your leads better upon import.

  1. Assign Owner Upon Import
  2. Assign Lead Status Upon Import

The Assign Owner Upon Import feature is a crucial feature for admins. When importing new leads into your PersistIQ leads database, you may not always want to assign those leads to yourself. For example, if you’re a sales manager and you have the Glengarry leads, you need to get them into PersistIQ so your closers can do their job and reach out via a PersistIQ workflow. However, you must make sure that those leads get assigned to the right sales reps. If that doesn’t happen, deals may not Always Be Closing.

Admins simply upload a list of leads, click on Advanced Setting and assign an owner. It’s as simple as that.

Assign Owner Upon Import
Assigning an owner on import is also extremely useful when your team is split into different territories, by market segment or executing again an account-based sales strategy. This helps avoid reps fighting over unassigned leads or accidentally having leads fall through the cracks.

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The Assign Lead Status Upon Import feature is the best way to keep track of prospects and where they are in your sales funnel. Assigning the correct status to leads at the right times is critical for effectively tracking and managing your outbound efforts. Assign the wrong status to a lead and you risk making a fatal mistake that will kill the deal dead in its tracks.

Assign Lead Status Upon Impor
Admins can define, create, organize, or edit lead statuses organization-wide at in the Company Setting control panel. They can also map those statuses to Salesforce lead and contact statuses to ensure consistency and uniformity throughout all your selling systems.

PersistIQ always has your back so you can focus on the things that really matter: Selling.

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Stay tuned for more of the latest in outbound sales best practices and methods.

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