[eBook] Bridging The Gap: The Ultimate Guide To Account Based Marketing & Sales Alignment

PersistIQ recently teamed up with LeadGenius and Ambition to write the most comprehensive guide to account based marketing and sales strategy to date.

Account-Based Sales (ABS) is a more strategic prospecting process that involves selling to highly valued targets at the account level. In 2015 CEB found that, on average, 5.4 people now have to formally sign off on each purchase decision for complex enterprise sales. This means that nurturing an account rather than a single contact at an account is more important now than ever before.

But before going any further, you may be wondering why you should consider account-based selling when your business seems to be doing fine? In short: lots of money! For example, there is a huge difference between closing a deal worth $500,000 and closing a deal worth $5,000. Yes, it takes more planning, skills, and resources to close these bigger accounts, but not 100X more. Of course, a target account is different for every company. A $5,000 deal may be really big for a small startup, whereas a $100,000 deal may be small for a large enterprise.

Aligning sales, marketing and account management is no longer recommended, but demanded. Organizations must ensure that teams are in sync with their counterparts.

For marketing, you need to accelerate lead velocity, improve inbound conversion rates and maximize the value of your marketing and sales content. For sales, you need to close more deals, earn higher revenue and a create a shorter average sales cycle. For account management, you need to shorten onboarding, decrease customer churn and increase referrals.

You must align your entire organization so they’re on the same page and striving for the same business objectives. However, the reality is most companies fail at alignment. Why? Poor communication, finger pointing and disjointed operations in sales and marketing.

The purpose of this eBook is to offer how every B2B company, tech or otherwise, can bridge the internal disconnects and discord stalling their path to rapid growth.

Whether you’re a rapidly growing SMB, a mature mid-market company or even a long-time industry leader, this eBook will teach you the latest, most innovative ways to streamline the revenue-generating sector of your business.

Bridging The Gap: The Ultimate Guide To Account Based Marketing & Sales Alignment

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What You Will Learn In This eBook:

  • Why Bridging Sales, Marketing and Account Management Gaps Matters
  • The Rise of Account-Based Sales
  • The Rise of Sales Development


  • The Importance of Sales and Marketing Operations
  • Lead Scoring: Key Principles and Best Practices
  • Sales Accepted Leads: Key Principles and Best Practices
  • How to Run Outbound Exclusively via SDRs
  • How to Measure Performance
  • The Importance of Dashboards


  • Consistency: The Core of Successful Messaging
  • How to Onboard SDRs and Turn Them Into Effective Messengers
  • Leadership Alignment: Where Successful Messaging Starts
  • The Marketing and Sales Feedback Loop
  • Creating Feedback Loops On Performance
  • How to Track Messaging Effectiveness


  • New Technology. Same Process.
  • A Technology Overview For Account Based Sales

What People Are Saying:

“This ebook does a fantastic job of covering the specific tactics most organization struggle with.” – Lars Nilsson, VP of Global Sales, Cloudera

“This e-book outlines numerous focus areas, tactics and best practices to accelerate the impact of your ABM efforts and demonstrate significantly greater marketing impact on sales and revenue in the months ahead.” – Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing

“This eBook takes a massive topic, account based marketing and selling, and distills it into an actionable, digestible volume tailor-made for the modern B2B business leader.” -Max Altschuler Founder & CEO, SalesHacker

“This ebook gives a framework on how to be strategic and drive collaboration between Sales, Marketing and Account Management, which is crucial for success.” – John Barrows Sales Trainer, JBarrows

download the account based sales development ebook now


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