Product Update: Push to PersistIQ from a Salesforce Report

If you’re using Salesforce you will love this new update from PersistIQ!

Quickly push Leads and/or Contacts directly from a Salesforce report into PersistIQ and even into a specific campaign – all without leaving the Salesforce page you’re on. 

No more exports/imports! No more switching tabs! 

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you have a report that contains prospects you want to reach out to by adding them to your PersistIQ campaign. 

  1. Go to the report
  2. Open the PersistIQ chrome extension
  3. Click on the Push to PersistIQ icon (cloud w/ arrow)
  4. Click “Start”

The chrome extension automatically imports the records into PersistIQ and you will see a progress bar showing all the prospects being added. 

Add to Campaign
Once the push is complete, you can add the prospects to any of your PersistIQ campaigns.

  1. Click on “Add to Campaign”
  2. PersistIQ Safety Checks kick in! (override if you want)
  3. Add Prospects 

That’s it!

How to access Push to PersistIQ
You will need the PersistIQ chrome extension to use the Push feature. Click here to add the PersistIQ chrome extension to your browser if you do not already have it.

Push from other Salesforce pages
This new update adds Reports to the list of pages that you could already use the Push to PersistIQ feature on:

  • Accounts (automatically push contacts associated to the account – great for Account-Based Sales!)
  • Contact Record 
  • Contact List View
  • Lead Record
  • Lead List View

We hope you love this update as much as we do!

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