Product Update: Improvements to how PersistIQ sends emails

The improvements below were inspired by providing you better visibility into how the system works and to give you better feedback on when emails will send and why. 

Introducing “Scheduled” emails

Scheduled emails are what we used to refer to as “auto send” emails.

When an email is scheduled, the system automatically attempts to send the email on the scheduled date and time (the actual send date and time depends on the number of emails you have scheduled and whether you have a sending window applied).

Scheduled emails will not appear in the “Due” and “Upcoming” section since they will be sent automatically. “Due” and “Upcoming” now only apply to manual emails.

Benefit: we now have a clear delineation between manual emails that need your attention and scheduled emails that will go out automatically.

Scheduled Emails.png

Eliminated “send later”

Messages no longer appear in a “send later” state. We now automatically reschedule the message to a future date and time so you know exactly when the system will attempt to send the message next.  

There were a few reasons why we previously put an email in the send later state and kept retrying to send the message for you. For example, when an email was outside of a sending window you defined or if your email provider was blocking you from sending, the system would mark the email as “send later” and retry to send the message for you until the message was sent.

Benefit: Rescheduling messages instead of continuously retrying makes it clearer why the email was not sendable and when it will go out next.

Messages ahead notification

When you have more messages than the system can send at any one time, the messages will be in a “processing” state. The system now tells you how many messages are ahead of the current message that is being processed.

Benefit: you now have a better estimation as to when an email that is “processing” will be sent.

Messages ahead.png


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