Product Update: avoid costly mistakes with Do Not Contact Domains

Personalized and human outbound communication is what we strive for. But sometimes we fail by accidentally reaching out to an existing customer or someone already in our pipeline. 

We’re excited to introduce updates to a powerful feature in PersistIQ that helps you avoid these costly and embarassing mistakes in your outbound communication; Do Not Contact Domains

What is “Do Not Contact Domains”?

This feature allows you to block all email communication from PersistIQ to a specified domain. For example, when becomes a customer we add the domain to our Do Not Contact (DNC) list, which prevents our team from accidentally reaching out to anyone at

Here it is in action; our DNC safety check caught 3 prospects we tried to add to a campaign.


Product Updates to Do Not Contact Domains:

  1. Quickly add individual domains 
  2. Easily delete individual domains
  3. Add domains in bulk
  4. Search 
  5. Download

Log in to PersistIQ today and try the new DNC Domains features.

Don’t have a PersistIQ account? Sign up for free here.


1. Easily Add Individual Domains 


2. Quickly Delete Individual Domains


3. Add Domains in Bulk


4. Search Your DNC List


5. Download Your DNC List


We have more great updates coming your way soon.

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