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Welcome to PersistIQ, a different sales technology company. We believe that great design and great technology can empower salespeople, not replace them. We believe in amplifying the human element of sales, not automating everything. We believe in simple, intuitive design, not adding every feature possible.
Sync Engine

Seamlessly keep your system of record (CRM) up to date with a true bi-directional sync.


Intelligence is baked into every part of PersistIQ to help you move faster and avoid costly mistakes.


We sweat every detail, from a simple interface to thoughtful workflows to bullet-proof system architecture.


PersistIQ covers all your sales workflows in one system and integrates with your data providers, CRM, and more to create an unmatched sales technology stack.

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Smart Database

Manage your prospects more effectively with a powerful database.

  • Sync directly to Salesforce or use stand-alone

  • Add custom fields that become variables in your email templates and easily map to your existing CRM setup

  • Easily import new prospects or integrate with other list building and lead intelligence platforms

  • Easy to use and navigate with a spreadsheet-like interface

  • Powerful filtering lets you sort, sift and segment your prospects by any field, even custom ones you create.

  • Auto-detects time zone for each prospect based on phone number or city and state

Win As A Team

Pool resources with co-workers to move faster and sell smarter than ever before

  • Easily clone the best performing workflows and refine your sales process
  • Share leads, templates and workflows
  • Catch duplicates and manage leads across your entire team
  • Roles and permissions let admins manage teams easier

Powerful Rules Engine

Customize your workflows by connecting triggers to actions using PersistIQ's powerful rules engine

  • Lead status: Define all the different lead statuses and how a lead flows through stages your sales process
  • Triggers: Automatically change the status of a lead upon specified actions, such as replies, out of offices notifications, etc.
  • Sending windows: Ensure emails are sent only during times you specify
  • Custom lead and account fields: Create and name a lead and account field, then map it to the fields in Salesforce or your CRM

Gmail Plugin


Access your email templates inside Gmail and more.

  • Access your email templates inside Gmail
  • Schedule emails to send later
  • Automatically log emails to Salesforce
  • Track individual email opens

Features You'll Love

Fully Customizable

Maintain complete control at every stage of the selling process

Semi- or Fully Automated

Dial in the right amount of automation for persona based selling or personalization for account based selling

Detailed Analytics

Scientifically test and measure performance of templates, calls, tasks and campaigns.

Template Manager

Create the perfect messages and keep them organized for easy management


The best email technology available for today’s modern sales reps and teams


Diversify your outbound sales channels by building in different touches throughout your workflow


Include calls in your sales workflows and automatically log completed calls, outcomes, and notes to your CRM.

Sync Engine


Seamlessly sync PersistIQ with your Salesforce instance for a deep and reliable sales integration

Bi-Directional Sync

Automatically sync fields, status and more. Automatically create lead and contact records between Salesforce and PersistIQ, bi-directional or one-way.

Activity Sync

Log all sent and received emails, either from PersistIQ or your individual email account. Create custom call outcomes and automatically log completed calls.

Push to PersistIQ

Select Leads or Contacts from Salesforce list views and push them to PersistIQ with one-click, for targeted outbound.

Thoughtful Design

When great design meets great technology, you’ll be able to focus on the things that matter.
 We built PersistIQ from the ground up with the salesperson in mind, creating a platform with tremendous power that is intuitive and easy to use.

PersistIQ technology works for you, so you can focus on selling.

Shorten new rep ramp time with an interface and UI that’s easy to use and implement.

Global Search and Navigation

Any and every page is one key stroke away for faster navigation.

Deep Links

Access to Salesforce records
. Access to Campaigns directly from leads table.


Manage and adjust your workflows, template or individual emails at any point for more control over how you sell.


Great design and world-class technology lets you be up and running in minutes, not days.

  • Never cross lines of communication again. PersistIQ prevents you from adding a prospect to a workflow if the prospect is already in another workflow.

  • No more “Hi {{first_name}}” or “I noticed {{your_company}}”. Smart variable checks won’t allow emails to send if values are missing for your template variables.

  • Misformatted emails are a thing of the past. When you copy and paste content into an email template, PersistIQ automatically identifies and removes HTML formatting.

  • Prevent accidentally reaching out to customers, competitors, and more. Simply add a list of domains and PersistIQ will automatically prevent sending emails to anyone at those companies.

  • Email reply detection: when a prospect responds to your email, PersistIQ automatically identifies the reply and marks the prospect as finished in the workflow.

  • OOO and Automated Replies: PersistIQ can distinguish between actual replies and OOO / Automated replies.

  • Historical Email Sync: Retroactively identify prospects that you or your team have communicated with in the past.

Integrations and API

PersistIQ’s powerful platform integrates into your existing workflow, CRM, and marketing automation systems, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Connect sales engagement with your CRM and other tools to create the perfect sales stack for your team.

  • Salesforce: Connect salesforce to automate tedious tasks eliminate manual data entry errors, save time and streamline your workflow.
  • Copper (ProsperWorks): PersistIQ is the only sales engagement tool to have a bi-directional sync with Copper.
  • Datanyze: Drop your target list of prospects into a live PersistIQ workflow with one click.
  • Gmail: Access the power of PersistIQ right in your inbox
  • Connect to thousands of other apps using Zapier and

Bringing the Human Element Back to Sales

Leverage the power of automation while giving you the flexibility to easily personalize each and every touch, making you more effective with outbound sales.

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