Introducing the new PersistIQ + Zapier integration

Create a more powerful sales and marketing stack by connecting hundreds of applications, from lead generation to CRM to landing pages and more, to PersistIQ. 

Sales and marketing teams have an increasingly large number of applications to use in their arsenal for driving growth. While the selection of specialized tools and broad platforms can help solve growth challenges, connecting the systems together creates an entirely new problem. 
PersistIQ is solving this problem to a degree by creating one easy to use system for outbound sales that displaces multiple sales tools and through several native integrations, such as a deep bi-directional sync with Salesforce and other CRM systems. 
But, there are still other important applications in the marketing stack and creating a seamless integration can help companies drastically improve how their teams work and the results they achieve. 
Say hello to Zapier! 
The team at Zapier have done most of the hard work around integrations by creating an easy system to integrate many of the applications you already use. 
Connect hundreds of applications to PersistIQ to cover a wide array of use cases. Below are just a few examples of the integrations that are now just a few clicks away. 
Outbound Sales
  • Stop all sales prospecting communication from your sales team to a specific company when the opportunity in your CRM is at a certain stage (e.g, stage = negotiating or closed won). 
  • Automatically import prospects into PersistIQ when they are added to your CRM. 
  • Easily import prospects into PersistIQ from Google Sheets 
  • Automatically add contacts into PersistIQ campaigns directly from your CRM based on criteria you define. 
  • Go from lead generation to communication quickly by connecting tools like Email Hunter to PersistIQ 
Inbound Leads
  • Quickly respond to inbound leads with personalized emails and automated follow ups until you receive a reply by connecting your inbound marketing landing pages to PersistIQ. 
  • Connect custom forms, such as Typeform, to PersistIQ so responses are automatically imported into PersistIQ and added to specific campaigns. 
  • Capture business cards at an event and automatically import them into PersistIQ to send personalized nice to meet you” emails with follow ups. 
Customer Success
  • Follow up with personalized messages to customers who submit Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys by connecting your NPS provider to PersistIQ. 
  • Add customers who are up for renewal to specific PersistIQ communication campaigns. 
  • Send personalized messages to customers before and after events you host by connecting your event hosting pages to PersistIQ.
Get started quickly with pre-built Integrations 
To help you get started faster we’ve created several template zaps. Or, get creative and connect hundreds of different applications to PersistIQ to take your sales and marketing results to the next level. 
Zap templates.png
What is PersistIQ
PersistIQ builds communication and workflow software to make outbound sales more effective. Sign up for a free account at or schedule a personalized demo at .
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