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“We love their clean, simple API that let us integrate with our outbound system and have a press-button approach built on top of our own Clearbit products. It has saved our growth team a lot of man-hours and help build a scalable set of processes. Thanks PersistIQ!”

Amit Vasudev, Chief Business Officer

“We believe PersistIQ built the best platform for personalized automation that's on the market today. It’s one of the most game-changing decisions we've made since starting the Sales Development team at The amount of time it saved, and organization it added, is too much to live without.”

David Aronica, Manager, Business Development

“PersistIQ has made my life a lot easier. What took two hours before takes about 15 minutes now. With the extra time, I’m on the phones talking to more creators. I’ve more than doubled the number of touches per campaign, and the reply rate has been amazing."

Lew Bibler, Lead SDR

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