Automate passing leads to your team that generate sales & marketing dunks ⛹️

✅ Automatically import names, emails, titles and more from LinkedIn Search, or Sales Navigator

✅ Find the email of anyone from anywhere on the web

✅  Personalize emails direct from the source

How does it work?

What makes PersistIQ better?

PersistIQ has the most intuitive UI

Achieve mastery in minutes. A system that’s easy to navigate. Designed to save your team 10 hours/week.

“We spent too much time trying to work around constraints in other products, which meant less time working on content & sending actual emails.”

Matt Sornson, Growth Manager, Clearbit

PersistIQ has zero onboarding complexity. Zero bloat.

Sales automation tools are terrible. We know that. They are clunky and slow. Your sales team hates them. And instead of solving problems, they become the problem. 

So we did something different. We took away the junk. And focused on the key features your team actually uses day-to-day to prospect, stay organized, and move deals forward.

Save 1-2 hours daily

Zero bloat means we save your sales team time by perfecting the features they actually use: Templates, one-click access, and programmatic variables. 

We do these better than everyone else.

Plug-and-play integration

PersistIQ fits into your existing workflow with just a few clicks. 

Plug-and-play integrations include Salesforce, ProsperWorks, Datanyze, Docsend, Chilipiper, LeadGenius, Zapier and hundreds more.

PersistIQ is self-serve. Take a look right now

The best part? Try PersistIQ on your own. 14-day free trial.
No credit card required.

“We chose PersistIQ because it had the feature set we needed, it was easy and intuitive to use, and it was at the right price. Our reps have not only gained precious hours back in their day, but they now have autonomy and flexibility.”

Saad Shahzad, VP of Sales, Gusto

PersistIQ makes your sales emails more personalized. At scale.

The key to better response rates is relevancy and personalization. You need to sound like a human, not a robot.

With PersistIQ, you send better, more effective emails — emails that are personalized and error-free. Without any extra work on your end. That’s what you really care about.

Smart variables - Emails with missing values won't send until they're corrected. So you never send another email with HI {{first_name}}.
Flawless formatting - Misformatted emails are a thing of the past. When you copy and paste content into a PersistIQ email template, it automatically identifies and removes HTML formatting. For a cleaner, more modern-looking email. That people respond to.
Automated replies that work - PersistIQ can distinguish between actual replies and OOO / Automated replies. Unlike other automation tools, PersistIQ is smart. In service of simplicity.

PersistIQ is built to make these roles happy.

Salespeople (SDRs/AEs/AMs)

Stay organized, personalize your emails, make more calls, and get more done. PersistIQ eliminates the tedious parts of sales and makes the important work easier to do. 

We built a modern interface for people who hate traditional sales tools. We hate ‘em too. That’s why we made PersistIQ simple and with just the right amount of automation — to makes sales work less of a pain.

Sales Managers

When you decide on a tool, don’t decide based on features. Decide based on the tool’s attention to detail and ease of use. Your team deserves it.

Remember, your team won’t fully adopt a tool they don’t like using. Sales managers who carefully compare sales tools decide on PersistIQ.

Sales Operations

PersistIQ features built-in integrations with Salesforce and ProsperWorks to keep your CRM clean and up to date. Plus, your reps can work directly from the CRM. 

We also give you complete customization control to make PersistIQ fit your workflow needs. And you’ll love the safety check rules and deduplication.


Centralize all your communication to prospects and make it personal. Run targeted inbound and outbound campaigns seamlessly. Send messages on behalf of team members. Duplicate email templates and campaigns, oversee emails, communicate with your sales team easily and much more.

“I knew the PersistIQ team were all experts in sales, and they built a great product that was effective and easy to use. Campaigns are easy to set up, and they made integration with our Salesforce instance easy.”

Mike Bullard, Account Executive, Lever

Experience the world's best sales engagement system.

What’s the purpose of a sales engagement system?

Most sales teams use disjointed and clunky tools. It’s a crowded market and there’s a reason why PersistIQ stands out; We’re simple. 

That doesn’t mean sacrificing functionality. We simply focus on features that matter and make them great. We work harder at it than anyone else.

Better organization. For you and across your entire team.
Communicate like a human.
Reach more prospects.
Get more done. Everyday.

“PersistIQ is extremely intuitive, and the workflows are so smooth. It lends itself to really strong sales behavior. Anyone doing any kind of outbound should be using PersistIQ.”

Tommy Hall, VP of Sales, Backerkit

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