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Keep your data consistent across all your platforms so that you can focus on starting new conversations.

When you connect with PersistIQ, you will be able automate tedious tasks, eliminate manual data entry errors, save time and streamline your workflow.

Import Leads

Import all your leads directly onto PersistIQ and begin adding them to email campaigns that automate tracking, follow up, and detect responses.


This powerful integration now lets you combine two robust workflows into one. Find and build a targeted lists of prospects using Datanyze, then drop them into a live PersistIQ sales campaign with one click. From PersistIQ, launch a highly personalized multi-touch campaign to your list in just minutes.

About Datanyze

Datanyze is a sales intelligence platform to help businesses uncover, research and reach the right prospects at the right time.

The Integration

  • Prospect with accuracy and efficiency using Datanyze:
  • Get valuable information on which technologies are used by which companies.
  • Find prospects at those companies and build lists with the information you need to reach out.
  • Export meaningful leads into PersistIQ to load into campaigns at a later time
  • Push selected leads or entire lists into a your PersistIQ leads database or a specific campaign with the click of a button.

Let PersistIQ do the rest:

  • While working in Datanyze, you can push leads into any outbound sales campaign or add them to your general leads database to follow up with later.
  • PersistIQ give you the power to create as many touches as you need, spaced out over any amount of time that you define, allowing you to personalize your outbound sales at scale.

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